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The following are the locomotives you are likely to see during a visit to the railway:


A 2-6-0 Baldwin style steam locomotive, built by Willis Light Engineering of Perth, Australia in 1993.  She was imported especially for use at Watford and ran for 10 years, before being withdrawn for an overhaul.  After completion of this long running overhaul, she entered service again in April 2018.

Current Status: In Service (Steam Dates listed here)

Conway Castle

A bogie diesel hydraulic locomotive, built as one of three identical locomotives in 1972 by Fenlow Engineering.  She and a sister locomotive originally ran on a railway at Prestatyn beach, before moving to the Suffolk Wildlife Park (via Staffordshire) in the early 1980s.  When the wildlife park closed their railway in the early 1990s, she moved to Watford and has been in regular use ever since.

Current Status: In use

Nikki Louise

An 0-6-0 diesel hydraulic locomotive, Nikki Louise was built brand new by R. Prime for the Suffolk Wildlife Park in 1988.  When this railway closed she moved to Watford with Conway Castle, where she was subject to an extensive rebuild before coming into use in the late 1990s.

Current Status: In use



A 2-4-2 diesel hydraulic locomotive, originally built as a petrol locomotive by Bruce Whalley for a private railway in Somerset.  Following use on a number of private railways in the West Country, Bree was taken to our workshops for a thorough rebuild to suit use at Watford.

Current Status: Undergoing rebuild