Locomotives & Rolling Stock


These are the locomotives currently based on the railway. For more details click on the picture or name of the locomotive.

Chiltern Shuttle

Undergoing restoration

Conway Castle

In Use

Nikki Louise

In Use


In Use


In use

Eric James

Undergoing rebuild


Our sit-in coaches are all built to the design developed by Ian Allan Miniature Railway Supplies in the late 1960s for their network of seaside miniature railways.  The majority were built for the Prestatyn Miniature Railway, and came to Watford via railways at the Kessingland Wildlife Park in Suffolk and Trago Mills in Devon.  There are also coaches to a slightly modified version of the design from Whitby (slightly wider and featuring curved ends) and Sandham Castle in the Isle of Wight (slightly shorter). We also have some originally used on railways at Knebworth House and Hatfield House.

There are currently 18 coaches, permanently formed into two sets of five and two sets of four.  We also have some spare coaches in store off-site.

Coach NumberOriginColourCoach Set
P4PrestatynRedRed 5
P5PrestatynBurnt CherryIn Store
P6PrestatynPurpleRed 4
P7PrestatynRedRed 5
P8PrestatynBurnt CherryIn Store
W9WhitbyBlueBlue 5
W10WhitbyBlueBlue 5
W11WhitbyBlueBlue 5
W12WhitbyBlueBlue 5
W13WhitbyBlueBlue 5
S14Sandham CastlePurplePurple 4
S15Sandham CastleGreenGreen 4
S16Sandham CastleGreenGreen 4
K18KessinglandPurplePurple 4
K19KessinglandGreenGreen 4
K20KessinglandGreenGreen 4
T21Trago MillsPurplePurple 4
T22Trago MillsRedRed 5
T24Trago MillsRedRed 5
H25Knebworth/HatfieldGreenIn Store
H26Knebworth/HatfieldRedIn Store
H27Knebworth/HatfieldGreenIn Store