Conway Castle

Conway Castle has been the WMR’s main diesel for over 25 years!

Built in 1972 by Fenlow Engineering, Conway Castle was supplied to a new seaside railway at Prestatyn in North Wales. Conway was one of two identical engines supplied to Prestatyn – the second was named Rhuddlan Castle. (A third diesel to this design was also built for a railway on the south coast but scrapped in the late 70s).

The Prestatyn railway closed in the late 1970s and was bought by the Nicholson family and relocated to Rudyard Lake in Staffordshire. After a few years this railway moved to the Suffolk Wildlife Park at Kessingland, where Conway Castle stayed until the early 1990s. When the railway at Kessingland was closed it was bought ‘lock stock and barrel’ and moved to Watford; Conway Castle first entered service in 1992. Following a rebuild in the mid 1990s Conway has been one of the main diesels at Watford, covering thousands of miles a year.